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A candle is a self-indulgent experience. A good one can change your mood by its smell.Hand-poured soy candles with zinc core or wooden wick, placed in 4oz Clear, Jelly Jar.See Scent Descriptions in Photos


Around 15 - 20 hours burn time


All scents are “TYPE” Scents. I did not create them myself.————————————————

Candles with Glitter: Glitter does not have any type of plastic components in it, where most of craft glitters you find in craft stores have some plastic in them. That plastic can be toxic if they are burned.

Jelly Jar | 4 Ounce | Soy Wax Candle

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Wax Color
  • If you have burnt a candle, I do not take returns.

    If the candle is broke when it arrives to you, please send a photo via email, keep the wax and put into a wax warmer (if you have one), and I will ship you a new one! 

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